Digital Twin

Gammon\'s construction site digital twin shows the design for an apartment building

On-Site with a Construction Industry Digital Twin

A ski resort chair lift against blue, cloud-streaked sky

Ski Industry Faces Economic Risks from Climate Change, Study Shows

Business risks were top of mind in 2023, as symbolized by tiles of the top 10 articles

Top Stories of 2023: Key Takeaways and Trends

A worker in a hardhat on a beam signifies construction firms

Global Construction Firms Explore GIS, Location Intelligence

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory\'s GIS use helps plan indoor space

Inside the New Tools of the Hybrid Workforce

Panels on a warehouse capture the solar potential of a rooftop

NextTech: Seeing a Company’s Solar Potential

A 3D rendering represents a retail digital twin for store planning

Digital Twins and the Store of the Future

A world map shows the extent of Cisco\'s service supply chain

How Cisco Created a GIS-Based Digital Twin of Its Service Supply Chain

A diagram of cascading boxes for what-if planning

Think Tank: Failing Fast with a Digital Twin

a one hundred dollar US bill signifies the IRA and federal spending

Billions in New Federal Spending and Its Business Impacts

Office towers under construction could benefit from AEC digitization

Are AEC Firms Ready to Build Tomorrow's Infrastructure?

A collection of blue dots forms a digital human silhouette

Finding Our Way in the Metaverse

A utility sector map shows gas service to homes

Fast Four: Utilities Juggle Resilience, Net-Zero Goals

A digital view of a bridge across a river, fit for an AEC company

Fast Four: With Infrastructure in Focus, the AEC Industry Innovates

Leonard Brinson Jr., CIO of South Jersey Industries

A CIO Finds New Business Value in GIS

Workplace wellness is a factor in office settings like this

Meeting the New Need for Workplace Wellness

An image of the globe meant to signify climate resilience and reduction

The Business Executive's Blueprint for Sustainability

The North Atlantic Rail project could bring high-speed trains like this to New England

New Life for High-Speed Rail

Ports are key supply chain nodes, and climate change could be an operational risk

Digital Twin of the Globe Helps Companies Get Ahead of Climate Risk

Skiing at Vail Ski Resort

A Digital Twin Fuels Record Expansion at Vail Resort

AR technology and business

Tech Giants Anticipate Augmented Reality Future

Accepting autonomous ships at Port of Rotterdam

Inside Story: Europe’s Largest Port Prepares for Autonomous Ships

Digital supply chains are on the agenda for manufacturers

Manufacturers Committed, but Slow to Digitally Transform the Supply Chain


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