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Spring 2001
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Summer 2001 Contents—Below are selected articles appearing in our Summer 2001 issue.

Cover Stories    
Summer 2001 ArcNews cover page

ArcGIS 8.1: A Single, Integrated GIS

EMEA User Conference Set for Portugal

GIS in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Mountains

Evans Properties, Inc., Goes Digital

Revisiting USA Today

OGC Correction

Software News

ArcIMS 3.1 Integrates with ArcGIS Desktop

MapObjects 2.1 Is Now Available

ArcGIS Data Models—Standards for Implementation and Data Sharing

The World in a Box Video Now Available

Introducing Geostatistical Analyst

ArcPad 6 Provides New Development Tool

GIS in Action

The Peace Parks Foundation Aided by GIS

Foster Children Services Improved with GIS Technology

Simulation and Dynamics of an Ancient City

Geography Network Continues to Grow

Prototype of HUD Community Planning Application Nears Completion

NIMA "Maintains Situational Awareness" with ArcView

GIS in Action (cont'd.)

University Collaboration and Imagery Help Columbia, Missouri, Prepare for Its Future

Israel Civil Aviation Authority Flies with Permit Tracking System

Eléctricité de Zahle Plugs in Its GIS

European Geological Survey Organizations Focus on GIS Initiatives

Czech Republic Produces Military Maps According to NATO Standards

PSE&G Merges Customer Data, Outage Management, and GIS

Lake Michigan Coast of Wisconsin Is Subject of a Two-Year Study

Business Partner Conference Recognitions

From Equus Beds to Oak Trees, Internet Mapping Works for People

Gaston County, North Carolina, Cuts 9-1-1 Response Time with GIS


Exploring Off-World GIS

Mars Research Supported by Online GIS

Lest We Forget Venus!

Celestial Mapping with GIS

Mapping an Ancient Meteorite Crater Gives Scientists Insight About Future Risks

GIS Community News

University of Redlands Offers International Practitioner's Master's Degree in GIS

Join Us Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Groundbreaking Book Investigates the Foundations, Issues, and Uses of GIS

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