Mary Lennon of Fannie Mae

How Fannie Mae Studies Climate Impact on US Housing

Biodiversity represented by a grassland hillside, lake, and mountains

Think Tank: Why Are Business Execs Talking about Biodiversity?

A map with orange and green risk areas is part of a A map of color-coded risks, part of a climate risk assessment

Bringing Climate Risk Assessments In-House with GIS

Tony Yates of Langan

How One AEC Firm Mastered Sustainable Growth

Sandbags stacked as floodwaters threaten

How Experts Spot Risks and Build Resilience for Their Companies

An EV charger represents varying EV costs by state

Are EVs Cheaper Than Gas-Powered Cars in Your State?

The practice of GeoAI represented by a map of locations and routes

Think Tank: GeoAI Reveals a Glimpse of the Future

Manufacturing executives need visibility into this kind of processing facility

Geography Affects Executive Priorities on ESG, Tech

A Rolls Royce on city street, possibly foreshadowing new EV sales

Rolls Royce Goes Electric, Foreshadowing Industry Challenges

A field of crops signifies hidden food costs

Adding Up Food’s Hidden Costs

A map tracking incidents in the global supply chain

NextTech: Monitoring the Global Supply Chain in Real Time

Sam Lustado of Arup developed an app for EV chargers

Laying the Groundwork for an Equitable EV Future

Hydrogen-powered buses and other vehicles could be on the rise

An Industry on the Verge: Green Hydrogen

Did United Cacao clear a section of rain forest like this?

Eyes over the Amazon Unravel a Deforestation Mystery

A smart map of a city with 3D buildings

Five Ways Smart Maps Have Changed the Business World

A curved building represents the circular economy

The Circular Economy Gets a Tech Boost

Claudia Blagu of Ingka Investments

Finding Purpose and Profit in the Bottom Line

Charging an EV

What’s Holding Back Electric Vehicle Adoption in the US?

A map of hurricane impacts hints at climate risk

AT&T Taps Advanced Analytics to Map Decades of Climate Risk

Should products like these have carbon labels?

Should Products Have Carbon Labels?

An Oregon agreement puts land use in focus

A Historic Agreement Unites Timber Companies and Conservation Groups

Solar, wind, and other renewables are growing more economical

How Advanced Analytics Is Fueling Renewable Energy

Scales to balance corporate profit and purpose

A Blueprint for the New Era of Corporate Social Responsibility

Looking ahead at business trends in AI, location intelligence, in 2020

2020: Six Predictions for a Shifting Business Climate


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