Business Growth

Stories of market development, customer analysis, and growth

A map of the United States with blue and yellow dots--dummy data to symbolize internet access

Telecoms Join Nationwide Effort to Close the Digital Divide

A rural revival symbolized in this small-town downtown

Seniors Fuel Pockets of Rural Revival

A map of retail locations with green and red dots

Fast Four: Old Meets New in Modern Retailing

SERVPRO chief meteorologist Lela Davis

How SERVPRO Forecasts Weather—And Business Growth

A desktop globe indicates a geographic approach to business growth

Geographic Approach Provides a Roadmap for Postpandemic Recovery

A company courts dogs like this white puppy for sustainable growth

A Well-Known Brand Courts a New Breed of Customer

A Columbia Distributing truck featuring a swappable ad

Distributing Beer, Beverages, and Industry-Changing Innovation

At an office building like this, indoor location intelligence helps people navigate spaces

The Post-COVID Office Takes Shape

Mall shoppers signify the importance of anonymous customer data

Advice from a Retail Leader: Seven Steps to Post-COVID Success

Identifying business opportunities in cities like this requires location intelligence

Spotting New Business Opportunities in Consumer Data

DICK’s Sporting Goods store

DICK’s Sporting Goods Strengthens Omnichannel through Brick and Mortar Planning

Family Video offered rows of movie rentals like this

How Stores Can Thrive—By Learning from Failure

The North Atlantic Rail project could bring high-speed trains like this to New England

New Life for High-Speed Rail

Skiing at Vail Ski Resort

A Digital Twin Fuels Record Expansion at Vail Resort

Crowds of shoppers explore brick and mortar retail

Gaining Retail Advantage in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Carhartt gear for recreation

Carhartt Wins in Omnichannel with Customer Focus, Location Intelligence

Retail businesses need to change their practices as the reopen

Five Things Retailers Should Consider When They Reopen

A KFC restaurant by Yum! Brands

KFC Leverages Data to Support International Expansion

A bed and mattress similar to those manufactured by Corsicana Mattress

This Mattress Company Woke Up to Digital Transformation

John Deere and market growth

How Data-Driven John Deere Wins the Market

Real estate growth beyond city cores

A Bet on Urban Sprawl Misses the Mark

Location intelligence and business confidence

Finding the Confidence to Grow a Business

Location intelligence and customer demands

Burgers for a Penny, and the Power of Location Intelligence

Behind one of the world's biggest retail expansions

The Secret Formula behind One of the World’s Biggest Business Expansions


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