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Brand yourself with the refreshed User Profile page

With the March 2020 update of ArcGIS Online, the refreshed user profile gives you the ability to showcase yourself, and your public content, to the rest of the world. In addition, the refreshed user settings page helps you work easily with the settings that are specific to you. This article highlights new and existing functionality with the public profile page, as well as profile information that is accessible to both organization members and users themselves, depending on profile visibility.

Public profile page

As an example, let’s review the new features in Chris’s new public profile page.

Refreshed public user profile page

You’ll immediately notice an updated modern look of his profile.  The public profile page includes content and groups that are owned by Chris and are already shared with everyone.  The public items gallery is easy to navigate with the thumbnail, title and item type.  When exploring the items in the gallery, simply click on the title or thumbnail to open the item. The public items gallery displays up to 12 items in order based on relevance, which takes into account factors like item quality and number of views.

Groups that you belong to that are visible by everyone are also displayed on the public page, below the user bio.  Up to five public groups you belong to are displayed, so others can see which groups you find useful and are a member of. As anyone can explore your public content and groups through your public profile page, do your best to add information to your profile, such as a photo and short bio. For public items, try to fill out detailed item descriptions and include thumbnails so others can easily understand your content.

Tip: Share your work and profile page on social media like Twitter and LinkedIn. Your public profile page can easily become a live portfolio of the public work that you do. A quick way to get your public profile link is to select View user profile page from one of your public items, or add your user name to this sample url:<USERNAME>

View User Profile from item detailed page to access someone's user profile if it is public.

Organization profile page

If you have content that is shared with your organization, your organization members will be able to see organization content in the new organization items gallery. The organization items gallery is displayed beside the public items gallery. Groups accessible just to the organization are seamlessly displayed in your group list for organization members who are viewing your profile page.

Refreshed user profile page that is visible to organization members

Choose who can view your profile

You can control who can see your profile by modifying the profile visibility. This determines who can see the information like your thumbnail and bio that you have added to your profile. By default, your profile information is set to be visible to organization members, which means only people in the same organization as you can view your profile and organization content. You can change the profile visibility by opening your profile page from your account on the top right corner of the site, and changing the profile visibility setting to the desired level. Choose Everyone (public) if you would like to make your profile public. If you decide to set it to Private, nobody outside or inside your organization can see your profile information other than your organization’s administrators . Note that your items are still visible to everyone or to your organization members according to how you have shared them.

Change the profile visibility from My Profile page

Refreshed User Settings page

Prior to this release, user profile settings were managed through the profile page. As the profile page is now a landing place about you, the settings have been redesigned as a separated My Settings page,

which can be opened from your account on the top right corner of the site. This makes it easier to view your licenses and credits, as well as manage other account settings in a single place.  You can now see the email address that is registered with your username under the General tab. In some cases, only organization administrators can update the email address.

Refreshed user settings page

Another cool feature to highlight is that if you are licensed with ArcGIS Pro, you can now easily download it from the Licenses tab of the page.

Download ArcGIS Pro directly from user settings page

Give us your feedback

We are eager to hear what you think of the new design. If your organization participates in the user experience Improvement program, you will see a feedback link at the bottom of your profile page when you sign in to your organization.

Dialog "give us your feedback" on the bottom of the user profile page

Use the link to let us know what else you want to be able to display on your new profile page. The results from this feedback link go directly to the product team and will help shape future development. As always, please keep sharing your ideas and thoughts about how you manage your ArcGIS Online profile and resources.

Share your feedback what else you want to be able to display on your new profile page

Start to brand yourself with refreshed user profile page today. For more information about the refreshed user profile and settings experience, see the ArcGIS Online help.

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Julia Yunzhu Shi

Julia is a Product Manager with the ArcGIS Online team.

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