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What’s new in ArcGIS Hub part 1, 2023

Here’s a tidy summary of the latest advances for ArcGIS Hub for the latter half of 2022, up to about now. Some of these updates are so new and shiny you may not have seen or used them yet. Read on to see what’s new in ArcGIS Hub.

Set up your site to shine

new button details, whats new in arcgis hub
user profile, whats new in arcgis hub

Light the way with layout cards


map card sharing, whats new in arcgis hub

Optimize the use of your polished site


web analytics, whats new in arcgis hub

Let’s wrap it up

The Hub team releases updates on a weekly basis so be on the lookout for fresh fixes, bugs that are addressed, and exciting new additions to the software. Speaking of that, here’s what’s new in ArcGIS Hub part 2! Scan our changelog for a succinct list of these frequent updates. You can turn to the Hub web help for more in-depth information and workflows.

Check out this upcoming webinar on Maximizing Volunteer Impact with ArcGIS Hub. As always, we welcome your questions and comments on the ArcGIS Hub Community page.  

Images (non-screenshots) are from Unsplash (Card by Markus Winkler) and Pexels (Banner by Pixabay)

About the author

Rhonda is a Technical Writer on the ArcGIS Hub Team, focused on user education and enabling collaboration around places, projects, and data. She joined Esri after 20+ years in GIS, mainly in a University setting. When she’s not writing, editing, or fiddling with Hub, she’s reading, cooking, growing food and flowers, or spending time with family.

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