Tech Trends

Useful context for buzzwords like digital twin, 3D, augmented reality, and AI

Gammon\'s construction site digital twin shows the design for an apartment building

On-Site with a Construction Industry Digital Twin

A 3D model of a wellpad in the oil and gas industry

Fast Four: New Questions for Oil and Gas Companies

Two office towers stretching toward the sky

WhereNext Confidential: What’s All This Talk about the Enterprise?

A warehouse with high bays represents automation in action

As Manufacturing Automation Increases, Indoor Awareness Gains Attention

A collection of blue dots forms a digital human silhouette

Finding Our Way in the Metaverse

A line of shopping carts signifies the retail industry, where in-store technology is booming

Innovating How We Shop—City by City

Vertical farms are popping up in office buildings like this

As Farms Move Indoors, Tech Follows

Oil rigs like this one may soon become part of a carbon capture plan

How Oil and Gas Pipelines Are Getting a New Life in Carbon Capture

A real-time mapping illustration showing hexagons laid over a trail map

NextTech: Exploring a Breakthrough in Real-Time Mapping

GIS technology and location intelligence bolster big business decisions

The Enterprise Technology behind Big Business Decisions

A keyboard representing the importance of IT mapping, cybersecurity

Patching Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities? Get Out the Map

An IT map reveals relationships between employees, software, and IT infrastructure

NextTech: The Holy Grail of IT—A Digital Twin of People, Process, Tech

The Relive app used for a bike adventure

For Millions of Adventurers, Relive App Makes Location Data More Human

Office grocery deliveries change food shopping

Delivery Innovation: Groceries at the Office

A 5D digital twin of a rail project in New York City

5D: The New Frontier for Digital Twins

Drone deliveries like this could become part of daily life

New Rules Rev Up Drone Deliveries to Our Doorsteps

Conducting an environmental impact assessment

Environmental Consultant Achieves Global Collaboration with Smart Maps

Human weather as seen in highway traffic

NextTech: Mapping ‘Human Weather’ Patterns with Geospatial Analysis

Skiing at Vail Ski Resort

A Digital Twin Fuels Record Expansion at Vail Resort

3D models like this can facilitate augmented reality (AR)

Not Just a Game: The Emergence of 3D and AR in Business

A satellite uses remote sensing to improve decisions on land

Think Tank: What Leading Businesses See in Remote Sensing

Pizza for US voters, from Pizza to the Polls

Democracy: Fueled by Pizza

Drone highways over a city

Under Construction: Drone Highways over Detroit

A construction site viewed through drone footage and BIM tech

NextTech: Drones, 3D Buildings, and Construction Monitoring


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