Science is the basis for climate action planning. Esri is committed to providing resources to help create a sustainable future.

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    Web-based applications that support data collection and sharing.

  • Citizen Science Reporter

    This solution can be used by citizen scientists to report science observations from their smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer.

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  • Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Toolkit

    A step-by-step guide for helping you carry out your project. 

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    Esri and Open Science

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    Core and customized software stacks for science 

  • Esri's Service to the Scientific Community

    Esri is well known as a vendor of GIS to research labs, universities, and other places where great science is done. However, Esri continues to work toward contributing as a member of the scientific community as well. This is partly accomplished by our volunteer work on scientific advisory boards, councils, and committees. Current examples include the following: 

    Advisory Boards

  • Editorial Boards

  • Councils

  • High-Level Committees

  • Special product licenses for scientific organizations

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