Rich Nauman

As a member of the ArcGIS Living Atlas Environment Team, I work with a wide variety of natural resource datasets ranging from rare species and habitats to soils and hydrology. With nearly 30 years experience in the field and office I use my skills to help us understand the world around us. When I'm not making maps, I'm using them to find new rivers to fish and places to visit. You can find me at: or

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Handling Rowdy Fonts: Four Tips for Better Layer Descriptions

These tips will help you create a well-crafted layer description that is easy to read and adds an extra layer of polish to your work.

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Professional Pop-Ups: Handling Missing Data

Making great pop-ups with Arcade is easy. These tips will help you handle missing data.

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Highlight Your Watershed

Use Blend Modes and Effects to focus your map on your watershed, state, county, or other area of interest.

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Drop Shadows and So Much More!

Create beautiful and useful maps in minutes with ArcGIS Living Atlas layers and the new tools in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer.

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Two Ways to Save

Understanding the difference between saving a layer and saving a map is key to building a modern web GIS.

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How to make that map: Combining ArcGIS Living Atlas Layers with Blending Modes

Blending modes allow you to combine layers and produce new maps. ArcGIS Living Atlas layers are ready for you to use and start exploring.

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Our Four Favorite Ways to Map American Agriculture

Get inspired and learn how to utilize US agricultural content from Living Atlas within your own maps.

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Mapping the Almeda Drive Fire

The Almeda Drive fire burned thousands of homes in just a few hours. ArcGIS Living Atlas provides tools to understand extreme events like these.

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Blending with Biodiversity Layers from the Half Earth Project

An exciting new biodiversity layer from the Half Earth Project provide a great example of the blending tools in the new Map Viewer.

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