Anne Fitz

Anne Fitz is a Senior Product Engineer at Esri, working on the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript and ArcGIS Arcade. Her expertise primarily focuses on dynamic vector symbology (CIM symbols), data visualization, animation, ArcGIS Arcade integration, and widgets. Anne’s primary goal is to help developers succeed in building geospatial applications, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to bring their ideas to life. She has been with Esri for over four years.

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Preparing your data for use with the FlowRenderer

The FlowRenderer uses raster layers with magnitude and direction to visualize flow. Learn how to prepare your data for flow visualization.

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Create an animated flow visualization with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Learn all about the new FlowRenderer and how to use it in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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How to add an inner glow to polygons with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Pictures strokes are here to save the day

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A year in review: ArcGIS API for JavaScript, 2021

Take a look back at all the highlights from the ArcGIS API for JavaScript in 2021.

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Performance improvements in version 4.21 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Version 4.21 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript contains performance improvements that will improve the draw time of polygon layers.

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CIM Symbol Builder

Use the CIM Symbol Builder to design CIM symbols with a simple user interface and then copy the JSON into your custom web application.

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Animating your data with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Create multi-dimensional animations of your data to visualize patterns as the geometry or attributes change.

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Building dynamic web applications with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

A deep dive into the development of an app from the DevSummit plenary built with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript exploring age and income in LA.

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Enhanced bookmarks in Map Viewer Beta

Introducing bookmark thumbnails, rotation, and an improved bookmark editing experience in Map Viewer Beta.

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