Allen Carroll

Allen founded the story maps team at Esri. Prior to joining Esri in 2010, he worked at National Geographic for 27 years in a variety of positions, including art director of National Geographic Magazine and chief cartographer at National Geographic Maps.

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Memory, history, and place: exploring personal geographies

Story maps can be a powerful medium for expressing personal memories and contemplating the subjectivity of geography

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Creating a Story Map Tour using the new side panel layout

A recent trip to New Orleans gave me an opportunity to try the new Side Panel layout for Story Map Tour.

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Why Are Maps So Interesting?

By Allen Carroll. For most people, sight is the dominant sense, so when it comes to information delivery, most like it served visually. ...

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Story Maps 101

Get Started Telling Stories that Inform, Engage, and Inspire By Allen Carroll. Storytellers often turn to maps to illuminate and contex...

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Depicting journeys in Story Map Cascade

Whenever I return from a vacation I can't resist the urge to document it in the form of a story map. Last summer my family and I spent a ...

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Making "The Life and Works of Dr. Martin Luther King" Story Map

In recognition of the theme of the 2017 Geography Awareness Week—the geography of civil rights movements—and because I wanted to furt...

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Making the "Thirteen Spooky Halloween Haunts" story map

We on the Story Maps team tend toward the idealistic; thus, many of the stories we produce have to do with important issues and events. B...

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Story Maps Make Great Travelogues

In the summer of 2017 Lauren Herbine, a student at the College of William and Mary, set off from New Jersey on a cross-country road trip....

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Producing the "Big Dams" Story Map

Last week the Esri story maps team published “Big Dams: Boon or Bane?” featuring a gallery of the world’s largest dams. Although ...

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