Eric Wittner

Eric Wittner is a Senior Product Manager focused on Procedural Technology and Smart Cities at Esri. He works to expand public understanding of how Esri's 3D products can enhance an organizations products and process, and help bring them success. He is focused on delivering domain specific tools to support urban planning and design. Having spent six years as part of the 3D software development team, he has an intimate understanding of Esri’s 3D technology. From his time as the product engineering lead for geodesign he understands how Esri's tools can be used to support interdisciplinary decision making in a variety of fields. As a thought leader at Esri, he helps shapes the vision and direction of Esri's software, data models, and solutions development through interaction with customers and the translation of their requirements into useful technology.

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The Building Blocks for Staging Public Engagement With ArcGIS Urban

ArcGIS Urban and ArcGIS Hub used together can inform, visualize, and generate feedback as part of the project planning process.

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CityGML to I3S: Streaming fast 3D city data in ArcGIS

This walk through introduces a new tool, developed in partnership with con terra and Safe Software, that converts CityGML 3D buildings to I3S.

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