Rohit Singh

Director of Esri R&D Center, New Delhi & development lead of ArcGIS AI technologies and ArcGIS API for Python. Applying deep learning to the Science of Where!

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How we did it: Detecting Shipwrecks using Deep Learning at UC 2020

See how we detected Shipwrecks using deep learning on bathymetric data. This demo was shown at the UC 2020 plenary.

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Deep learning models in arcgis.learn

An overview of the deep learning models in the ArcGIS API for Python’s arcgis.learn module.

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Deep Learning at the Esri UC

Learn about deep learning at the 2020 Esri User Conference (UC).

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Dev Summit 2020: Use deep learning tools with full motion video

See how drone footage is used with predictive modeling tools in ArcGIS to conduct an automated, repeatable catfish survey.

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Dev Summit 2020: Extract and map data from unstructured text

Learn how you can use natural language processing and deep learning to extract and map information from unstructured text files.

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Damage assessment using deep learning in ArcGIS

Here's a look at how the damage assessment deep learning demo was done by USAA at the UC2019 plenary.

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How we did it: Integrating ArcGIS and deep learning at UC 2018

We demonstrated an integration of ArcGIS with innovative deep learning tools at this year's plenary. Learn how we built our model!

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ArcGIS Python API 1.0 Released

At the Esri User Conference in San Diego last year, a small team of Esri engineers from the Python and Server teams huddled together with...

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