Scott MacDonald

Scott is a documentation product engineer on the ArcGIS Enterprise team. He earned a master's degree in geography from McGill University in Montreal. Follow him on Twitter: @macd_sm.

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How to migrate to single-cluster ArcGIS Server sites

Learn why multi-cluster ArcGIS Server sites are now deprecated, and how single-cluster mode improves your software performance.

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Automate ArcGIS Enterprise deployments with Chef

Using the Chef automation toolkit makes installing and configuring ArcGIS Enterprise deployments of any size as easy as running a script.

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Four common ArcGIS Enterprise questions from our spring conferences

We got to answer plenty of your ArcGIS Enterprise questions at our spring conferences — today, we'll review four of the most common!

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Introducing Image Space Analysis

For decades, you've seen imagery projected onto a 2D map in ArcGIS the same way - a way that works well for "directly above you" vertical...

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Software patches released for ArcGIS Server geoprocessing service issue

The recent identification of the processor security vulnerabilities known as Meltdown and Spectre has affected nearly everyone who uses a...

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