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A little more content in ArcGIS Earth 1.0 beta

We’ve been a bit busy getting ready for “code complete” for ArcGIS Earth 1.0.  I’ve had a few more questions from users about how different types of content can be used in ArcGIS Earth beta and there are a couple of nuances that we haven’t talked about yet.

Partner hosted content

We have several partners who are already sharing content for trial through ArcGIS Online and we’ll be encouraging more to participate, especially as we improve the ArcGIS Marketplace next year.  Many of you have seen the Pictometry San Francisco buildings that were referenced in one of my last posts.

The pattern for partners (or customers) to share 3D and 2D content with their ecosystem is to establish an Organization in ArcGIS Online or in a Portal for ArcGIS Server that is outside a firewall, invite ecosystem participants (customers or partners) to their Organization, and then to share services into that Organization that can only be seen by participants.

Earth with CyberCity3D data
Earth with CyberCity3D data

Note that to share 3D content, such as the 3D building scene layer shown in this example, you’ll need to publish the content from ArcGIS Pro to an on premises Portal for ArcGIS Server federated with Server (10.3.1 or later).  We are looking at hosting such content in ArcGIS Online in the future.

Living Atlas Content

Some Living Atlas content is not publicly shared and is available only to users with named user accounts (details available elsewhere).  Esri customers and ArcGIS Online trial users can find restricted data layers in ArcGIS Online through ArcGIS Earth and will be prompted to enter their credentials before the data is added to Earth.  Living Atlas content that is limited to named users can include curated and modeled ecological content, world traffic services, weather services, curated imagery services and more.

Video demo

Here’s a quick look at working with partner and Living Atlas content in ArcGIS Earth 1.0 beta. In this case, we’re working with some data provided courtesy of CyberCity 3D.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”300″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsiehZJaOII[/embedyt]

If you haven’t downloaded Earth yet, the beta is available here.  Let us know what else we can share to help you learn about ArcGIS Earth!

About the author

Chris Andrews is an experienced product management and technology leader who enjoys solving real world problems, establishing high performance teams, and connecting people and businesses in positive collaborations. Chris started off at Esri as the senior product manager for 3D across the ArcGIS platform, based in Southern California. Chris now leads a team of product managers with responsibility for ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS Excalibur, 3D, ArcGIS Urban, AEC/CAD/BIM offerings, ArcGIS Business Analyst and more. Before Esri, Chris was the lead product manager for Autodesk’s Infrastructure Modeler (now InfraWorks) and Digital Cities efforts and was previously in the enterprise integration industry focused on CAD-GIS integration. Chris has focused on strategic innovation, defining and driving to production new products at top tier software companies. He is active on social media and provides mentoring on 3D, product management, and technical career growth.

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