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With ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 and ArcGIS Online, there’s a new way to get your hands on ArcGIS Insights, the analysis software that fuses location analytics with business intelligence and open data science workflows. Announcing the Insights Analyst User Type.

Like other User Types available with ArcGIS, the Insights Analyst makes it easy to match team members with the tools necessary for their work. Specially crafted for non-GIS analysts working outside the GIS department, the Insights Analyst User Type empowers users to

The Insights Analyst User Type is specially crafted for non-GIS analysts working outside the GIS department.

Insights is the only ArcGIS product this User Type can access. This helps streamline the non-GIS analyst’s experience. To begin their work, the Insights Analyst logs directly into Insights. No need to first log into, and then using the app switcher to access Insights.  They simply go to the Insights app directly, and straight into their analysis. Because this user accesses only what they need, you only pay for what they use, equating to a low price point. How much does the Insights Analyst User Type cost? See pricing.

The addition of the Insights Analyst User Type does not mean that the old way of licensing Insights will go away. Insights as a premium app will still be available to GIS analysts who need to use Insights in addition to products like ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. To do so, you would add Insights to a GIS Professional or Creator User Type.

Interested in learning more about Insights? Visit our product page, read customer success stories, see what’s new, and get a free 21-day trial.

Ready to extend the reach of your GIS? License ArcGIS Insights today.

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