Setting up your own Profile Service

As some already know, there is an Elevation analysis Ready-To-Use service where you can easily create an elevation Profile for anywhere in the world.  That’s pretty cool, but some have wanted to host and serve their own data to create profiles for. Available for download now is a package of information that will show you how to do just that!

The package contains the tools and components you need to set up this capability, and a how-to document that goes over the configuration and implementation details to help you get things up and running. See the sections at the end of this post for the particulars on where to download the resource from and what the requirements are.

Working with the output

The service generates a polyline that records the M’s and Z’s of the profile delineated by a line feature.  You can subsequently use this polyline feature for further analysis, or you can visualize it with a profile graph.  The following links provided details on how to create a profile graph, depending  on the environment you are targeting.

Downloading and installing

Everything you need is contained in the zip file downloaded from the following location:

Once you’ve downloaded the file to your machine, extract the contents of the zip file. Read the How to set up the profile service.docx Word document for all the details.


You will need the following :

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