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Navigating Updates: ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online

Esri is streamlining the way you access powerful ArcGIS capabilities, making it easier and more straightforward than ever before. Starting June 26, 2024, as part of this initiative, the ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online user type extension will be retired and no longer be sold.

But no need to worry—the key imagery hosting and analysis capabilities you rely on aren’t going anywhere. Instead, these capabilities will be integrated into the updated user types. This means that starting June 26, if you’re a Creator or higher user type, you’ll be able to seamlessly create hosted imagery layers. If you’re at the Professional or Professional Plus level, you’ll enjoy not only the capabilities offered to Creators but also image analysis tools like change detection and feature extraction. This change is all about ensuring that everyone can access and utilize the full power of ArcGIS without navigating through a maze of different products and licenses.

What will be changed?

With the ArcGIS Online June update, ArcGIS Online administrators will no longer see the name ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online within the user interface. Instead, they will see the following capabilities within the License tab of ArcGIS Online.

How do I assign a user type license with image hosting and image analysis capabilities?

As described above, the capabilities are included with the user type license. If you are not using custom roles within your organization, then by assigning the user type you are giving that user the capabilities. Follow these instructions to assign user type licenses to access imagery hosting and analysis capabilities.

Step 1: In a browser, navigate to and sign in with your credentials. You must be an administrator within your organization.

Step 2: Navigate to the License tab.

User type overview
User types for imagery hosting and imagery analysis include Creator, Professional, and Professional Plus.

Step 3: Click the User types tab to see the assigned and available user types in your organization, as well as, the included license types, compatible add-on licenses, and compatible roles for each user type.

Image hosting and image analysis capabilities
For Professional and Professional plus user types, the image hosting and image analysis privileges are included by default.

Step 4: From Organization, click the Members tab to see a list of all current members of the organization.

Step 5: Review the members with consideration about their current user type and role.

The member’s current user type and role is specified in the list. Those members that need the imagery hosting and imagery analysis role will need to have the proper user type assigned with a compatible role.

Step 6: Identify a member that you want to modify, click the More Options button at the right of the member’s row, and select Manage user type to modify the user type.

More options to manage members.
The More Options button allows you to modify many aspects of the member.

For each member, at the User type column, assign to Creator if only imagery hosting capability is needed. If both image hosting and image analysis capabilities are needed assign to Professional or Professional Plus user type.

You can also manage multiple members at one time by clicking the checkbox beside the top of Member column, then click Manage user types.

What role privileges are required for image hosting and image analysis capabilities?

For those organizations with custom member roles, you can modify the privileges to control the member’s image hosting or image analysis capabilities. For the roles to provide image hosting and image analysis capabilities, then the custom roles must be modified to contain the following privileges.

Tiled and dynamic imagery layer hosting privilege
For any member role to be able to host imagery layers, the privileges will need to be enabled for that role.


Imagery analysis
Image analysis is a premium content privilege.

For more information about licensing, roles, and privileges, review User types, Member roles, and Privileges granted to roles.

For more information about the user type updates, please visit this page.

About the authors

A Product Engineer on the Raster Team, who has been with Esri in various capacities since 2009, including as an Esri Support Analyst, and an Author for Esri Training Services.


Mallory Delgadillo is the Lead Product Marketing Manager for Esri's SaaS, Imagery, and Spatial Data Science products. During her nine years at Esri, she has focused on educating and inspiring data and remote sensing enthusiasts to think spatially, enhancing their understanding of GIS applications.


I'm a Product Manager on the Imagery and Remote Sensing team. Before joining Esri, I spent six years as a Product Manager in the satellite imagery industry and studied Geography at the University of Oklahoma.

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