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Display time-enabled data in Media Map

Using time animation in web apps helps app authors showcase changes in their data over time. The Media Map configurable app includes an option to enable the time slider, which can be configured to show data cumulatively over time or in intervals within a set period of time.


Let’s say state officials in South Carolina want to have an application that they can use as a tool to show COVID-19 cases over time by county. The app will need to show time intervals of one week and clearly display county boundaries. The GIS officials for the state have decided that the Media Map configurable app can provide these features. The map that is created to use in Media Map will use these settings created in Map Viewer Beta:

Map time settings or Map Viewer

Once the map is set up with time and the county boundaries are defined, it is ready to be used in Media Map. Here are the time slider settings that were decided on:

Time slider settings in app

Here are the other settings that were added in the final app:

COVID-19 Cases by County in South Carolina

Setting up a time-enabled map

The first thing that needs to be done in order to use the time slider is to confirm that the data is time enabled; this setting is on the item details page of the layer. Once the data is time enabled it is ready to be added to a web map. A web map has a set of time settings, including time span, playback speed, and time intervals, that can be configured in classic Map Viewer or in Map Viewer . Maps created with either Map Viewer will be compatible with the time slider in the Media Map template. Once the web map time settings are configured, the map is ready for assembly with the Media Map time slider.

Classic Map Viewer with time slider
In classic Map Viewer, time settings can be accessed by clicking on the configure button in the time slider that appears in the map when a time-enabled layer is added to a map.
Time settings in Map Viewer Beta

Accessing the time slider in Media Map

In the September 2020 release of ArcGIS Online, the Media Map configurable app will be included in the list of applications that use the new configuration experience. The new configuration experience includes Express Setup, which highlights the most essential settings to consider, and Full Setup, which provides access to all the settings supported by the app. The time slider in Media Map is located in Full Setup under the Interactivity section.

Time in Interactivity section

Time slider settings

To get started with the time slider and the settings associated with it, the Time setting will need to be enabled. When the Time setting is enabled, a set of options will appear. These options consist of the following:


Time slider settings in the time section of interactivity
Apply an effect to features setting
Live or recent time settings

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