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Customize your print layout experience in ArcGIS Online

The June 2024 ArcGIS Online update includes the option (beta) to print from layout template items published directly to ArcGIS Online.  This enhancement means users can create and publish their own layout items from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online and use them without having to set up and maintain their own print server. This is especially useful if you want to add your organization’s logo or branding to your print output or require more room to support a larger legend.  Custom layout items can also add consistency and branding to the print experience for your organization.

This new capability will be available as a beta offering at this time for Professional and Professional Plus user types. Printing from the default templates will continue to be available for all users.  Along with this enhancement, the Map Viewer print tool itself has been updated with a cleaner look and we have introduced a print preview option to provide a better indication of the map area that will be included in your print output.

Opting in to the Beta & Preparing your layout items

Print layouts are authored in ArcGIS Pro and can be published to ArcGIS Online as items.  The ArcGIS Pro authoring experience gives you full control over page size, colors, layout elements, and allows for the inclusion of custom logos or legends. For more information on authoring layout items please see the documentation here.

To opt in to the beta, Organization administrators must configure a Layout template group on the utility services section of the Organization settings page. First, create a group containing the print layout items you have published and then select that as the Layout template group. (Note – If your organization has blocked access to beta capabilities, the option to configure this group will not available).

Printing from these layout items is only available when a template group is configured and requires users to be logged in with a Professional or Professional plus user type.  Printing from these items will always use the ArcGIS print service, even if you have a custom print service configured.  The templates associated with your custom print service, or the default ArcGIS print service, will also remain available for use by all user types and are not considered part of the beta offering.

Printing from Layout items in Map Viewer

When opening the print tool to access your new layout items, you may notice the Print experience looks a little different. This is because the print widget itself was also updated this release to have an updated user interface and some new functionality.

Users can now preview the print area on their map to have a better idea of what area is going to print. The light area on the map is what will appear in your print export. Each time you select a new template, the print preview will update accordingly. This is on by default but can be turned off with the Show print area toggle. You will also notice that Exports have been moved to a separate tab, making it easier to keep track of them all together.

Take advantage of the show print area option to preview the areas of your map that will be included in the print output.

When you browse into the template list, you will now see different things depending on your organization’s configuration and your user type. The default templates are the ones associated with the default print service (or your custom print service if one is configured) and the Organization templates are the ones associated with a custom layout group.  If you are not signed in or don’t have privileges (Professional or Professional Plus user type) to print from the beta organization templates, you will only see the default templates.  Click through the various templates and notice that the preview area updates automatically on the map.

The print template list contains two sections when an Layout template Group (Organization templates) is configured.

Author templates in ArcGIS Pro that will work best for your organization’s print requirements and take advantage of these new custom layout items in ArcGIS Online to have greater control over your print outputs without configuring and maintaining a custom print server.  When you include common dynamic print elements such as a Map Title, Author, Legend, or North Arrow, these elements will also show up as a editable or can be checked on or off in the Print pane.

Output from a custom print template authored in ArcGIS Pro and referenced in ArcGIS Online.

What’s next?

While in beta this feature is free to use for all Professional and Professional Plus users. Once out of beta, there will be a credit charge associated with printing from these custom layout items. At a later release Map Viewer will also support browsing for layout items directly from the print pane (no group configuration required).

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Zara is a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS Online Team.

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