Automate image management with custom tools and scripts from Esri

Use image management workflow samples, now updated for ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1, to streamline and automate best practices for managing imagery in ArcGIS.

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Mosaic datasets are a powerful tool for managing collections of imagery. Created in ArcGIS Pro, they perform on-the-fly mosaicking and raster processing, simplify metadata management, can be shared as image services, and more. Mosaic datasets are also flexible and configurable—they can be optimized for almost any type of imagery.

Fine-tuning how to create and configure mosaic datasets for your specific imagery, though, can be a time-consuming process. Image management workflow samples—which include Python scripts, geoprocessing tools, sample data, and batch files optimized for common data types—do a lot of the hard work for you.

Image management workflow samples and MDCS

Image management workflow samples are data type-specific image management tools built around the Mosaic Dataset Configuration Script (MDCS). MDCS is an open-source, community-supported Python script that creates a mosaic dataset, populates it with data, and sets all the required parameters for your specific data. Using an XML configuration file as input, you can fine-tune and automate your image management process for virtually any type of raster data. This is especially useful when you’re working with large datasets or recurring workflows.

What are image management workflow samples?

The image management workflow samples, already optimized for common data types, provide even more support than MDCS. Each sample package includes:

Currently, there are image management workflow samples for the following data types:

Next steps

Download one of the image management workflow samples to get started. You can also find additional resources supporting specific image management workflows, such as managing elevation data or preprocessed orthophotos, on the Imagery Workflows website. Finally, explore more custom tools for working with imagery in the Imagery Workflows group on ArcGIS Online.

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Emily is a product manager for the Imagery team; ask her about tools and best practices for working with imagery and rasters in ArcGIS.

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