Toolkit for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET now available!

We are excited to announce the release of the Toolkit for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET v100.4. The Toolkit contains controls and utilities you can use out-of-the-box to accelerate the development of your .NET apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. You also have access to the complete Toolkit source code on Github enabling you to fully customize the Toolkit for your specific project requirements.


Where possible each control is available for all APIs supported for development with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET: UWP, WPF, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Forms for Android, iOS, and UWP. Feature availability by platform/API is indicated in the Github repo readme.

Getting started

As a developer you have three options for working with the Toolkit:

  1. Reference the latest stable or pre-release package from
  2. Reference the latest master branch commit NuGet package from AppVeyor
  3. Build the Toolkit source

A set of basic samples are included in the Toolkit repo.


The Toolkit is an active development project with more controls and utilities on the roadmap. You can even get an early glimpse of some of these new controls in the Toolkit Preview package (currently in preview are the SignInForm and TableOfContents for WPF). Also on the roadmap are improved Guide and API reference documentation and additional samples.

Reporting issues

We encourage you to try out and use the Toolkit within your projects and we look forward to hearing your feedback. If you find any bugs while using the Toolkit please submit new issues in the Toolkit repo. At this time we are not accepting new PRs for full features but if there are new controls you would like to see included please submit an issue to request the enhancement.



The ArcGIS Runtime .NET Team

About the author

Mike Branscomb is a Product Manager for the ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps and ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Game Engines. With over 20 years of experience working in the Esri ecosystem, he specializes in .NET, Local Server, and 3D Scene Layers. Mike is also a Scrum Product Owner with over 10 years of experience guiding teams through the product development lifecycle.


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