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Top 10 List for Web Developers at the 2019 Esri User Conference

The Esri User Conference (UC) will once again take place in San Diego, CA July 8-12 and it is packed full of activities and technical sessions that cater to web developers. In this blog we will cover 10 things to look for as you plan your week; including technical sessions, resources, and events.

Web-focused technical sessions: the skinny

Each year, we put together a technical session plan that covers web development strategies and techniques, balanced with key API development themes. Version 4.x of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript has matured over the last few years; over the last year (since the 2018 User Conference) it has greatly expanded its capabilities, and improved in terms of performance and robustness. Technical sessions could be categorized into three high-level buckets: (1) Building foundational knowledge of the API and web development techniques, (2) mapping and visualization, and (3) specialty sessions focusing on key functional areas. Here are some example sessions that fall into each bucket, and some insight on each.

Building foundational knowledge of the API and web development techniques

Several sessions are aimed at helping web developers (both new and advanced) build foundational knowledge on API capabilities, coding patterns, architecture, and development best practices. If you are new to web development, a great path to take is attending these sessions, in this order:

If you are not new to web development but want to build foundational knowledge of the API, attend Building Web Apps with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The following sessions might also be of interest:

Mapping and visualization

You can create rich interactive data visualizations with the JavaScript API in 2D or 3D. The following sessions will be presented by web developer-cartographers who are very passionate about creating very dynamic, meaningful, and visually stunning visualizations in web apps.

Specialty sessions focusing on key functional areas

The key areas of functionality that we are featuring at this year’s User Conference include (but are not limited to) web editing; time-enabled visualization, querying, and filtering; and client-side analytics that enable developers to build very interactive, engaging web apps.

Demo theaters on developer-related sessions

Demo theaters 7 and 8 are dedicated to developer-related topics, which include, but are not limited to, web and native app development, as well as extending and customizing ArcGIS Pro and the latest tips, tricks, and techniques for developers using ArcGIS Online content and capabilities. Here are a couple of web development demo theater sessions you won’t want to miss!

Use the Events app to create a custom schedule

Remember that you can use the Esri Events app to build your own customizable schedule, receive notifications, and get the latest information about all of the sessions, demo theaters, and other events happening at UC. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The Expo: talk with the JavaScript API development team

The Web island is located in Hall A (look for the “Developer” sign) and we will have developers there waiting to answer your questions or address any of your pressing needs as they pertain to web development. If you’re looking for Web AppBuilder, you can find it located at the Online island right next door to us if you are walking towards Hall B.

Tech support: Need help troubleshooting?

You can sit down with a tech support analyst and troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing in your app or discuss something you are trying to implement. Head over to the Tech Support island, which is located right next to the Online island if you venture even further into Hall B.

Implementing ArcGIS Appointments

Implementing ArcGIS Appointments is a brand new offering. Get experts to review your app – Set up an appointment with the Developer Clinic at UC to help you review your app development. In these one-on-one appointments, an Esri Professional Services senior consultant will use their expertise to assist and guide you with your app’s architecture. In the consultants’ role at Esri, they design and implement both large and small projects with the JavaScript API (and others) and have a lot of practical experience building solutions for production. This service is completely free! You would just need to make an appointment.

Pre-conference seminars

Pre-con seminars are in-depth all-day seminars that occur prior to the UC (true to their name). They have been selected due to their relevance to today’s challenges and cutting-edge technology trends.

Lightning Talks

Join us at the Lightning Talk event in Ballroom 20D on Monday from 5:00pm – 6:30pm, where we will have 18 speakers focused on topics ranging from apps that users have developed to tools used to enhance their projects.

Mingle with other developers at the Developer Social

The Developer Social will take place on Tuesday evening from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at the Marriott pool. Here you will be able to meet a large community of developers who are attending UC for a variety of reasons, whether they are looking for new solutions, enhancing their skills, or just wanting to catch the latest in developer tools. This one requires registration, so sign up soon!

The party!! ..and other fun activities!

Every year, I am amazed by the conference party. It takes place at Balboa Park Thursday night, which is pretty awesome all on its own with all of the museums and exhibits (if you are bringing your kids, check out the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum!), koi pond, and beautiful architecture – but on top of that, Jack and Laura go all out with games, live music and other activities. There are several other activities going on during the UC, including the Esri 5K Wednesday morning.

You can follow @EsriUC  (or #EsriUC) on Twitter for general UC updates, and @ArcGISJSAPI for JavaScript API-related updates, news, and events.

We are all really excited to see you in person in San Diego, share what we’ve been working on, and learn about the amazing solutions all of you have been building.

About the authors

Julie Powell is a Principal Product Manager, focusing on Esri's web development technologies. She works to ensure developers can be successful in building state of the art, purposeful solutions using ArcGIS software. Julie brings 20 years of experience working with global leaders such as Hewlett-Packard and Esri, delivering a variety of software solutions for both the enterprise and consumer markets. Julie has worked on a wide range of projects and consulting endeavors, including serving as technical lead for web mapping solutions for strategic customers.


Amy is the Developer Community Manager in Product Management. She has an MA in English Literature and Composition and an MBA with a focus on Global Business. Follow the @EsriDevs and @EsriDevEvents accounts on Twitter for updates on developer community events and happenings!


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