Kristian Ekenes

Kristian is a Product Engineer for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, focusing on mapping and visualization.

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Make your histogram legendary

Add additional meaning and context to your data-driven map using a colored histogram instead of a legend.

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Interactive widgets for data exploration

The ArcGIS API for JavaScript provides more than a dozen easy-to-use widgets for data exploration.

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Visualizing change with dot density

Learn how to use dot density to visualize how population changes from nighttime to daytime.

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Visualizing growth with dot density

Learn how to build an interactive dot density map that animates the visibility of dots to create the perception of growth over time.

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Interactive dot density maps for the web

Add an interactive legend to your dot density map for data exploration purposes.

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Dot density for the web

Learn how to create dot density visualizations for web mapping applications using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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Create powerful popups in web apps with Arcade feature sets

Feature sets allow you to access multiple features within an Arcade expression, enabling you to create powerful popup content.

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Functions aren’t fields; use Arcade instead

This post describes how you can re-write renderers using Arcade expressions instead of JavaScript functions.

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Smart Mapping with Arcade: Visualizing predominance

Generate a predominance visualization in a web app using Smart Mapping in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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