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Exploring the ArcGIS Utility Network User Type Extension

****Update**** At this time the ArcGIS Utility Network is only available in the ArcGIS Enterprise environment; as a result, the utility network user type extension is not available in the ArcGIS Online platform.


There are a number of options for users to access utility network functionality and capability.   In the documentation ( there is a basic discussion of how the user type extension capability.  The objective of this blog is to walk through the user type extension and cover capability for each user type with and without the extension.  These capabilities apply across desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Without the ArcGIS Utility Network Extension:

Users have the ability to view features (including the subnetwork layer) that participate in a utility network.  This includes the ability to view connectivity, containment, and structural associations, both in the map and in the attributes dialog.  Without the utility network extension, it is not possible to edit features or utilize any utility network function, such as trace, diagrams, or subnetwork management.  Its important to remember that because the utility network is delivered to users as a service, the Esri user type is required to access the network features in this view only configuration.    The ArcGIS Utility Network configured in File Geodatabase does not require a user type or extension; this configuration is truly single use only and is not capable of being published as a service.

Using the Viewer User Type with the ArcGIS Utility Network Extension:

Users with the ArcGIS Utility Network extension and the Viewer User Type can trace the network using the range of parameters in the geoprocessing tool (my latest trace framework blog can be found here), view network diagrams, and view subnetwork properties.

Using the Professional Basic User Type with the ArcGIS Utility Network Extension:

The Professional Basic User Type is a little more limited in capability in that many of the utility network tools are not available in ArcGIS Pro, however those capabilities are exposed in web or mobile solutions with some configuration required to expose those capabilities.

Using the Editor or Field Worker User Type with the ArcGIS Utility Network Extension:

Users with the ArcGIS Utility Network extension and the Editor or Field Worker User Types are able to do everything the Viewer User Type can, plus they can validate the network topology and update subnetwork geometries and attributes.  They are also able to modify connective, containment and structural associations as well as configuring terminal connections or paths.  All of these capabilities rely on the users ability to edit elements of the network.

Using the Creator with ArcGIS Utility Network Extension or Professional (Standard or Advanced) User Type:

Users with the ArcGIS Utility Network extension and Creator User Types along with Professional (Standard or Advanced) User Types have the ability to do everything the Editor or Field Worker User Types can do, plus they have the ability to administer utility networks, adjust schema, or publish network maps.  Professional (Standard or Advanced) User Types do not require an additional ArcGIS Utility Network extension because it is automatically included in the license.  While other User Types can be provisioned or turn in the extension, the Professional User Types are not allowed to be passed on to another user.

ArcGIS Utility Network Extension Matrix

UN Functionality Without Extension Viewer and Professional Basic with Extension Editors and Field Workers with Extension Creators with Extension and Professional (Standard or Advanced)
View Features that Participate with a Utility Network





View Connectivity, Containment, Structural Associations





Trace Network




Subnetwork Traces




View Diagrams




Validate Network



Update Subnetwork



Modify Associations



Modify Terminal Paths



Set Terminal Connection



Edit/Save Network Diagrams



Administer/Modify Utility Network Configurations/Schema


Publish Utility Network






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