ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Introducing ArcGIS Workflow Manager in ArcGIS Online

We are excited to announce that ArcGIS Workflow Manager is now available for managing work in a cloud-based environment. With Workflow Manager, business processes can be standardized to automate repeatable workflows, drive production efficiency, reduce errors, and improve performance.

Workflow Manager is a flexible system that dynamically integrates processes, tools, and people to complete work. It provides a framework for synchronizing changes, providing updates and feedback in real-time, and supporting collaborative work in one centralized location.

Key functionality

Workflow Manager is a unique system that can seamlessly integrate with ArcGIS and third-party systems, allowing you to create workflows that suit your organization’s needs.

You can use Workflow Manager to:

Build custom workflows with unique properties on the workflow canvas
Visualize jobs on a map to monitor, update, and review work in real-time
View and interact with jobs on the work page


Learn more about ArcGIS Workflow Manager

ArcGIS Workflow Manager is now available as a standard and advanced organization extension. Contact your Esri account manager to learn about licensing options.

Want to learn more about what you can do with ArcGIS Workflow Manager? Check out our Resources for ArcGIS Workflow Manager blog to discover more and connect with us.

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