Robert Waterman

Robert joined Esri in March 2017 as Production Manager with the ArcGIS Living Atlas team. He takes great pride in being a part of all that goes into providing Esri users with the rich online content that the Living Atlas offers...content to complement and enhance Esri's industry leading geospatial platform...content to drive and support the Science of Where.

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What’s New in World Imagery Basemap (July 2017 through June 2018)

A lot has happened with World Imagery since UC 2017. With UC 2018 now upon us, let’s take a moment to reflect...

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NAIP 2017 Image Layer is Now Available

In keeping with the trend of recent years, Esri’s NAIP Image Service has recently been updated to include the NAIP 2017 imagery.

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Wayback – 81 Flavors of World Imagery

Come explore and leverage the power of Wayback, a digital archive of World Imagery.

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Wayback Server Connection in Pro

A quick guide to adding a World Imagery (Wayback) WMTS server connection in Pro.

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Sentinel-2 – More Than Meets the Eye

Taking a step closer to understanding our Earth, Esri is releasing Sentinel-2 Image Services to all Esri users.

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Landsat Image Services Update

Release Date:  April 18, 2018 This release of Landsat Image Services includes some noteworthy updates...

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What's New in World Imagery Basemap (February 2018)

Community Maps Imagery Updates It is looking to be a very productive year for our Community Maps Program.  Over the last two months we h...

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What’s New in World Imagery Basemap (January 2018)

From hundreds of new and refreshed +Metro cities, to a massive broad area update of the United States, we have been very busy producing, ...

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What's New in World Imagery Basemap (September 2017)

In case you missed it, or perhaps you just want a refresh, our June 2017 post highlighted over 100 million km² of high resolution sat...

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