Stefan Eilemann

Stefan Eilemann works as a technical lead for the Engine team of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Javascript. Previously he was the technical manager of the Visualization Team in the Blue Brain Project, is the CEO and founder of Eyescale, and the lead developer of the Equalizer parallel rendering framework. He received his PhD in Computer Science at the Visualization and MultiMedia Lab at the University of Zurich in 2019, and his masters degree in Computer Science from EPFL in 2015.

Posts by this author
SaGIS: See more of your 3D Web Content

Introducing SaGIS: A Scalable GIS Renderer for the 3D ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript.

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Visualize large feature datasets in 3D with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Learn how to visualize cities in 3D using large datasets of building footprints

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Scene Layer Performance in Scene Viewer, Part 2

Reduced Memory Usage, Global Memory Management and Continuous Loading in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 4.7

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