Zemin Dhanani

Zemin is a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS Business Analyst team. He joined Esri in 2018 as a Support Analyst. He is currently focused on creating content that helps users better understand ArcGIS Business Analyst.

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Migrate to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro: We’ve got you covered

ArcGIS Business Analyst functionality is built into ArcGIS Pro. See comparisons of common workflows in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro.

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Redesigned Reports in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

Visualize the new Business Analyst Pro reports that showcase key information from analysis as indicators, charts, maps and other visualizations.

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Business Analyst 101: For users who want to get started with Business Analyst in ArcGIS Pro

Are you not sure about how to get started with Business Analyst in ArcGIS Pro? If yes, then this blog article is for you!

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Install, license, and use Census 2020 data in Business Analyst Pro

Learn about the Census 2020 redistricting data, which is coming soon to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro.

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How to fine-tune your threshold areas in ArcGIS Business Analyst

The new Threshold Areas workflow in ArcGIS Business Analyst includes advanced settings best taken advantage of by the informed user.

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Visualize the distribution of location points in the new Wind Rose report

This article is a brief overview of Create Report option in the Generate Desire Lines geoprocessing tool which generates a new Wind Rose report.

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