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The Space Time Cube Explorer Add-in for ArcGIS Pro has been Released!

We are excited to share the new Space Time Cube Explorer Add-in for ArcGIS Pro, which greatly enhances the way you can interact with and explore your space-time cubes created using the Space Time Pattern Mining toolbox.

You can download the new Add-in at www.esriurl.comSpaceTimeCubeExplorer.

What you can do with the Space Time Cube Explorer Add-in for ArcGIS Pro

The Add-in will take your space-time cube as input and create layers that can be quickly and beautifully displayed from the Display Gallery.  This gallery has a number of useful display options all with preset symbology, range sliders and time sliders providing a seamless experience as you explore the results of your space-time pattern mining analyses.

You can choose to view your cube symbols in either real-world or screen-space size or toggle between the two.

There are also options for displaying time.  You can choose to view all time slices or use the time slider to either flip through a single-slice at a time or cumulative-slices that build on each other.

As you explore your analysis results and aggregated data, you can also use preset range sliders to thin down the cube to identify areas where you have only high values or certain categories of interest.

Check out our Spatial Statistics resources page or the Space Time Pattern Mining documentation for more information on how to get started with your space-time analysis today.

About the author

Jenora is a product engineer on the Spatial Statistics team. She's been with Esri since 2014 working on and writing about the exciting new spatial stats tools that we have worked hard on.

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