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(Updated) 3D Content in ArcGIS Earth (part deux)

This post was originally published as a blog around the ArcGIS Earth 1.0 Beta release.  All of the services that were published then, continue to work for ArcGIS Earth 1.1 and beyond.  If you haven’t downloaded Earth yet, you can get ArcGIS Earth here.
Update 4/25/2016: Added New York City and Washington DC open data untextured buildings.  NYC has over 1,000,000 buildings!

Last year I published a brief article and video on adding content into ArcGIS Earth. It turns out that I forgot one of the most important items… the list of services that we publish through ArcGIS Online that you can use!

San Francisco KML and Pictometry data in Earth
Mixing a little San Francisco KML and Pictometry scene layer data in Earth

Here are some example services that will work in ArcGIS Earth. You can drag-and-drop, add by URL, or even find them in the Online search (though we have a couple of issues we’re fixing to make that easier).

Building Scene Services

Examples of other types of services that will work in Earth

Many other services will work in Earth and we are constantly improving capabilities.  These are a couple of examples of services that I have tried from public ArcGIS Online links:

Let us know what you’re able to do with these services!

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get ArcGIS Earth here.

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