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What's new with Scene Layers in ArcGIS Pro 2.1

The Scene Layers Team has been hard at work adding new functionality for scene layers across the platform. This blog will highlight some of those new features that were added to ArcGIS Pro 2.1

Scene Layers work across the platform

If you are new to scene layers, do not worry as the following help document provides a good overview of what scene layers are and what you can use them for. What is a Scene Layer?

Scene layers are still a relatively new layer type and with each release of ArcGIS Pro, more functionality is added both to the authoring side and the consumption side. Take a look at the list of enhancements that were added.

Geoprocessing Tools

Create Scene Layer Package Tool

  • Support for a file or folder of LAZ, LAS, and ZLAS data.
  • A new input coordinate system parameter allows you to define undefined LAZ data. Parameter is hidden until tool detects undefined data.

Validate Scene Layer Package Tool

  • Supports all scene layer types (3D Object, Integrated Mesh, Point, Point Cloud)

Consumption in ArcGIS Pro

  • Users can select scene layer objects and ‘hide selection’ and ‘show selection’ in the data tab > exclusion group
  • Users can set definition queries on scene layers
  • Users can ‘set data source’ on a scene layer referencing a scene layer package or service
  • Users can adjust point display limit and point density for point cloud scene layers
  • Popup support has been added for point cloud scene layers


  • Unique Value symbology support for point and 3D object scene layers
  • Unclassed colors symbology support for point and 3D object scene layers
  • Transparency attribute driven symbology support for 3D object scene layers
  • Transparency, rotation, and size attribute driven symbology support for point scene layers
x denotes full functionality
i denotes reliance on statistical information captured in the slpk

Notable Mention

Scene layers (I3S) has been adopted as an OGC Community Standard


About the author

Principal Product Engineer on the Scene Layers Team. Holds a Masters of Science degree in Geography from Southern Illinois University and Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from Augustana College in Rock Island Illinois. A Geographer at heart but holds a passion for all things 3D and seeing 3D advance in the ArcGIS system.

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