Check out the ArcGIS Insights Lab: Your new geovisual data science resource hub

The ArcGIS Insights Dev Team is thrilled to announce the launch of a new community of practice site – the ArcGIS Insights Lab.

The ArcGIS Insights Lab is your new one-stop shop for all things ArcGIS Insights!

Check out the Insights Lab today for information and tips on your favorite geovisual analytics software, including:

Our hope for the ArcGIS Insights Lab is two-fold

First, we want to hear from you – our users – and respond to your needs and wishes directly. The Insights Lab will allow us to create and post content to address your questions quickly.

Second, we’re hoping the ArcGIS Insights Lab becomes a hub for user interaction and collaboration. We want this site to be the first place you go when using ArcGIS Insights or thinking about geovisual analytics and data science.

Initially, only ArcGIS Insights Dev Team members will contribute to the site. However, the plan is to eventually allow members of the ArcGIS Insights User and Advisory Group (sign up for free here!) to submit their own recipes, tips, and non-proprietary workflows for sharing as well. This way the lab will act as a two-way conduit of information sharing and interaction.

Throughout future release cycles the Dev Team will regularly publish new information, workflows, recipes, educational videos, and previews of upcoming enhancements to the Insights Lab.

Also, members of the new ArcGIS Insights User and Advisory Group may receive early updates and invitations to participate in pre-release user testing and feedback sessions. (You can join the ArcGIS Insights User and Advisory Group in seconds.)

Visit the ArcGIS Insights Lab today and spread the news. We’re excited to see you there and post great new content in the future!

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