Insights for ArcGIS v1.1 is out the door!

The Insights team has been on the fast track delivering updates in an orchestrated yet accelerated effort.  The much-anticipated introduction of Insights for ArcGIS version 1.0 was just released on December 15th, and now a mere 6 weeks later, Insights v1.1 is now available to download from My Esri. This new version 1.1 is packed with new capabilities that includes enhancements to workbooks, pages, datasets, and selections, as well as other improvements throughout.

The Insights front end interface has been enhanced:

View and manage all workbooks that are shared by your organization, as well as your own workbooks all at once.

Refresh pages and datasets:

Useful when original data has changed and want data, cards, and pages, to reflect the latest updates.

Selection Enhancements to Data and Summary tables:

Enhancements to data tables and summary tables have been implemented to increase the functionality of selections. Both data tables and summary tables now include the option to invert a selection or show selected features.

Relational Databases:

Insights only supports one spatial column per database table. In Insights 1.1 and later, you can choose which spatial field will be used as the location field by clicking the location field icon Location field next to the table name under Selected Data and choosing from the list of spatial fields.


Analysis Exercise:

Performance improvements:

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