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At this year’s UC, the R-ArcGIS bridge continued to revolutionize the way we think about our workflows by showcasing its ability to incorporate novel analytical methods and to streamline the process of integrating R functionality into ArcGIS.

The power of the bridge goes beyond being able to easily transfer data between ArcGIS and R and vice versa. The bridge allows us to wrap R functionality directly into ArcGIS geoprocessing script tools which enables concise analysis processes and the ability to share R functionality with anyone in your organization. Additionally, the bridge eases certain tasks when working with GIS data in R. The R-ArcGIS bridge offers R users the ability to work with all types of spatial data, everything from shapefiles, geodatabases, tables, feature services, and more, along with a simplified process for reprojecting data and even the ability to generate data from specific statistical distributions and directly write it into ArcGIS.

Here is one of the demos given at the UC that shows off some of this functionality.

Extend Possibilities With The R-ArcGIS Bridge

Support for learning about additional functions included in the R-ArcGIS bridge’s R package, arcgisbinding, can be found in the package’s vignette. If you are interested in learning how to get started with the bridge for other versions of Pro or ArcMap, you can find installation information on the bridge’s website. If you are looking for guided resources on using the bridge’s basic functionality, check out our Learn Lesson on the bridge, our introductory web course, or join us for our live training seminar on the R-ArcGIS bridge on August, 31st. Finally, if you are interested in more advanced functionality, like creating script tools, check out our second web course on this topic.

Happy bridging and stay tuned for more updates on the bridge coming in Pro 2.1!

This blog article is provided by Marjean Pobuda. Marjean is a product engineer with Esri’s Spatial Statistics team. Questions for Marjean can be sent to:

About the author

Marjean Pobuda is a Product Engineer for the Spatial Statistics Team at Esri. She enjoys all things statistics and working on the R-ArcGIS Bridge.

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