Update to ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android: 10.2.6-1

We are excited to provide a quick turnaround on an update to our recent 10.2.6 release of the Android SDK. This is a SDK release only and there are no new functionality included in this minor but important fix.  This fixes a long standing issue whereby x86 libs bundled in our AAR lib module hosted in our public Bintray maven repository now works with x86 emulators and devices running lollipop, Android API 5.x.  This is a fix that we encourage everyone to take advantage of as it ensures the correct platform libs are running in your apps.

To apply this fix, update your build.gradle file with the following dependency:

dependencies {
        compile ''

If you’ve downloaded the local v10.2.6 download and use the local AAR library, you can get the updated AAR lib module in the 10.2.6-1 download file.  All other SDK components are the same, so no need to download if you use the AAR lib in the preferred method from our Bintray maven URL.

As always, thank you for using the SDK. We invite you to collaborate with the community and the Esri development team on GeoNet.

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