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AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 3 released and publicly available

AppStudio for ArcGIS (Beta 3) is now publicly available, directly from the product site. Application to join the esri early adopter community is no longer required. Go to to and sign in with a Named User account to download AppStudio for ArcGIS.

You can also now create an app directly on the web. Choose one of the featured apps and configure it for your own use. Build installation files and a landing page all on the web, and get ready to distribute your own native app or download AppStudio Player from either  Google Play or the App Store to run your app on your Android or iOS device.

In the 4 weeks since the Beta 3 has been public:

There are a few known issues with Beta 3 that we are working to address, but with these few tips, you can still continue to work on your own great apps :

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Marika Vertzonis is a product engineer with a keen interest in taking technology out into the field.

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