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What’s new in ArcGIS AppStudio Player Version 4.3

The ArcGIS AppStudio Player app is a key component to the ArcGIS AppStudio app development platform and a truly unique tool that sets AppStudio apart from the competition. AppStudio Player lets you instantly view AppStudio apps on a real device without requiring a full build and deployment cycle, so whether you are testing or deploying apps, this provides a huge productivity boost. With the recent 4.3 release, AppStudio Player has received many new features and enhancements that can significantly improve the app testing and distributing experience.

Note: You can download the latest Player from the Apple App Store,Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store 

Improvements to Profiles 

Earlier this year, AppStudio introduced a new way to personalize AppStudio Player by creating customer user profilesProfiles give you the ability to control the content and appearance of AppStudio Player. These profiles are managed by configuring a group in your ArcGIS organization. In this release, we made it easier to apply and manage profiles in AppStudio Player. (previously, this was only available through app links).  

Player Profile
Player Profile

To distribute your profiles, you simply add a customprofile tag to a group and share the group with the end-users. Upon signing into an ArcGIS Online, or your Enterprise account, the end-user can view all the available profiles from the newly added Profile page and launch them directly in AppStudio Player. The enduser can also easily switch between multiple Profiles to accomplish different workflows. Checkthis blog to learn more about Profiles. 

Group Tag
Group Tag

More share app options  

With this release, we have improved the overall app sharing experience, AppStudio Player  4.3 now allows you to share or remove AppStudio apps from groups. To get started, tap on the Share icon at the bottom of the App Information page. You will see a new Set group sharing option once the app is shared with an organization or the public.  

Share an app to group in Player
Share an app to group in Player

You can also share an app through an app link URL. This lets others directly open a specific app in Player by simply tapping on the link.  

Share an app link in Player
Share an app link in Player

Support for Mobile Device Management with Managed App Configuration settings 

Some organizations use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to manage employee device security and mobile software distribution.  With the 4.3 release, we have extended the ability to support MDM Managed App Configurations to the appThe App Configurations allow you remotely configure the Player portal URL and portal name in the Signin page header.  

Key  Data type  Player (version)  Description 
portalURL  String  AppStudio 4.3 or later  Default portal URL.  When the user taps on the sign-in button, it will open the organization’s Sign-in page.  
portalName  String  AppStudio 4.3 or later  Default portal display name in the Signin page header.  



The Player now changes the theme automatically based on the theme of the device. You can also manually change the Player’s theme in the Settings > Theme 

Player theme change based on device setting
Player theme change based on device setting

Support for signing in with PKI 

With AppStudio 4.3 release, you can now sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication 

Download Player from Microsoft Store  

For the first time, AppStudio Player is now available to download and install from the Microsoft Store 

AppStudio Player at Microsoft store
AppStudio Player at Microsoft store

We hope you like the new features and enhancements added to AppStudio Player. Please provide any feedback and suggestion to 

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