How do I convert a .img file into a raster file that Arcmap can recognize?

Question: Hello,

I am trying to convert a DEM that can be downloaded as a .img file to a raster file type that ArcGIS can recognize. The .img file I am working with is from the USGS Global Land Cover Characteristics Geodatabase (GLCC) Version 2.

Description of data:


Thank you for your help!

Answer: We tried to download an .img file from this site, too, and also had problems.  In this case, you have to contact the data provider (UISFGS) because it appears that the files are corrupt or that there is some other problem with the source. You should be able to open and ERDAS .img file in ArcGIS without having to convert formats at all. Please contact the USGS to see if they can help you with this problem.

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