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An update to ArcGIS Hub Downloads–New default sidebar on new sites

This announcement is an update on the release of ArcGIS Hub’s new download sidebar.

Downloads are one of the most used features on the ArcGIS Hub platform and should be reliable. They are a core means for sharing content and and promoting open data. In August 2020, Hub released a new download sidebar as a beta feature. Over the past weeks we have been testing and making improvements. We intend to release the feature on December January 20th, 2021. Existing sites will not be affected, but newly created Hub and Enterprise sites will see a download sidebar enabled by default on certain item types like Feature Layers, Feature Services, and Map Services.  To enable/disable this feature, follow these steps as a member of the core team for a site.

Following this release, we intend to expand the download sidebar to all content types and we and will enable the new download sidebar for all existing sites. The target for this forced switch is mid-January, but a setting will remain to revert to the current download UI.

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Martin Scheiber
Martin Scheiber

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for this interesting article. These new functionalites are exactly what I need.
However, it does not seem to work properly for me. The files are not created automatically and when I try to do it for SHP and CSV, it just goes on forever showing “file generation in progress”. Trying KML and GeoJSON it immidiately shows me an “API Error” warning. Am I missing something?


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