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ArcGIS Hub Events: New Look, New Features

Things change when people get together.

Recent updates to the ArcGIS Hub event management system allow Initiative team members to easily publish and share events to their community in order to spark discussion and activity around shared visions and goals. The enhancements you’ll see with the new update include:

mobile view of events list.
Events in Initiative view and events view where you can filter by event status and link to your event's Initiative. Image created using
Mobile view of editing an event on iphone.
Manage events in mobile view. Image created using

Get Started

An administrator must update your Hub before you can see these new features. If your Hub isn’t yet updated, the date and time fields for past events are no longer editable and you cannot reactivate canceled events. To update, ArcGIS Hub admins can navigate to events, either through the Community tab or Initiative Manager, and there they’ll be prompted with the option to update.

To learn more about how you can start sharing events using ArcGIS Hub, visit our website, explore the Hubs around the World story map, and take the Hub Readiness Assessment. You can also follow us on Twitter, or review our changelog for more updates. And feel free to connect with us on GeoNet.

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