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The New Metadata Editor is Out of Beta

The new metadata editor is officially out of Beta for both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3.

Metadata, sometimes referred to as data about data, provides useful context for data. Having good metadata makes it easier to find and use quality data, increases accessibility, and ensures effective content sharing.

The new metadata editor provides a streamlined metadata editing experience, with quick visibility of one’s metadata based on the metadata style configured. As highlighted in our last blog, the new editor allows you to:

Enable Metadata for your Organization

Administrators can enable and configure metadata settings for their organization, allowing item owners to edit metadata for their items based on the metadata style configured. Once metadata is enabled, item owners and administrators will have access to the new and classic metadata editors from the item’s details page.



Enable metadata
Enable metadata for your organization

Check out the new Editor

Once metadata is enabled, item owners and administrators can navigate to their item’s details page to explore the new metadata editor. What you should know:

Launch the metadata editor

The new metadata editor makes editing great metadata seamless. Once administrators configure the organization’s metadata style, the new editor provides an overall view of the required elements from the Essential metadata tab. Using metadata standards, the new editor has an internal validator that enables you to complete your metadata while navigating through the metadata elements. Additionally, item owners and administrators can now add item thumbnails from the new editor. We are excited to release the new metadata editor and thrilled for you to try it!

Edit metadata

The long-term goal is to reduce the complexity, enhance, and unify the metadata editing experience across the ArcGIS platform. As you explore the new editor, look out for future enhancements in the road ahead. Share your feedback on the Metadata, Catalogs and Search Esri Community.

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Laura is a native Kenyan, based in California who loves exploring culture and most-things art. With years of experience in the world of geospatial technology, she currently works as product engineer at Esri, collaborating across teams to help users manage their content in ArcGIS Online.

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