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What's New in ArcGIS Data Pipelines (June 2024)

Is data preparation the most time-consuming part of your work? Are you tired of maintaining and re-running Python scripts to clean or update your feature layers and tables? ArcGIS Data Pipelines is a data integration application in ArcGIS Online that provides a drag-and-drop interface for you to connect to your data, build and transform it, then use that tailored data to create or update feature layers in ArcGIS Online. This blog outlines the new features and enhancements available in the June 2024 update of Data Pipelines, and shares how they can help you in streamlining your data integration workflows.

What’s New?

The June update of Data Pipelines includes support for additional input file formats, enhanced tools, new scheduling options, the ability to disconnect in the editor, and more. Check out the video below for a quick tour of the new features or keep reading for more information.

New file formats

There are two new file formats supported as input to data pipeline workflows:

Check out the dataset configuration documentation to learn about all of the supported sources and file formats.

Tool enhancements

The following data engineering tools have been enhanced:

Arcade editor in Data Pipelines

Want to learn more about the other tools that are included with Data Pipelines? Check out the data processing documentation.

Scheduling enhancements

There are two new scheduling options that provide more control over your scheduled data pipeline tasks:

Dialog to create a scheduled task in Data Pipelines

To learn how to automate your data preparation workflows, see the help topic Schedule a data pipeline task.

Disconnect experience

The new option to disconnect the editor enables you more control over your connection. When you’re finished working in the editor, choose to Disconnect all to stop incurring credit costs. Disconnect all will disconnect all open editors (i.e. browser tabs with connected data pipeline editors). After disconnecting, you’ll have the option to save any edits, leave without saving, or reconnect and continue your work.

Since data pipelines consumes credits based on the amount of time you are connected, this new experience offers you more control over credit management.

For more details on how and when credits are consumed while using Data Pipelines, refer to the Compute resources documentation. To learn more about credit consumption rates, refer to the Understand credits documentation.

More information

More details on new enhancements and improvements with the February update can be found in the What’s new documentation. If you’re new to Data Pipelines or just want to learn more, here are some additional resources to get started:

Read the What’s New in ArcGIS Online (June 2024) blog for news on other exciting updates.

We want to hear from you! There is more to come for ArcGIS Data Pipelines in the future, and we value your opinion on what new features and enhancements we can add to help you with your data preparation workflows. Share your ideas or ask us a question in the Data Pipelines Community.

About the authors

Bethany (she/her) is a Product Engineer on the Data Pipelines team and the GeoAnalytics team. Her background is in biology and GIS with experience in data management and spatial-temporal analysis.


Mariia is a Product Marketing Manager on Esri's Spatial Analytics & Data Science team, with a background in Marketing and Business Development.

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