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Intelligent Maps Checklist: Map Services

Have you ever made a checklist for yourself to ensure that your map service is not missing anything? No? Good news, we’ve done that for you. Feel free to use the checklist below, at least as a starting place.

General Checks:

Basic Map Checks:

Layer Checks:

Attribute Checks:

Performance Checks:

Service Checks:

In Your .MXD File:

Map Document Properties:

Data Frame Properties:

Group Layer Properties:

Layer Properties:

Attributes that need indexing:

Have you asked the application developer which fields their app uses, even if only in the pop-up? These are all fields that need to be indexed:

In ArcCatalog:

Also available as a PDF. Other Intelligent Maps Checklists are available for Web Maps and Thematic Image Services.


Diana loves working with data! She is a social science quantoid, as she has 10 years of experience as a practitioner of demography, sociology, and economics. Diana Lavery has been with Esri as a product engineer since 2017.

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