ArcGIS Pro Add-Ins on the ArcGIS Marketplace

Recently the ArcGIS Marketplace enabled the ability for organizations to market and distribute ArcGIS Pro add-ins and Web AppBuilder widgets directly from the Marketplace site.  This new capability provides users with the ability to create informative product listings from which they deploy their products.  You can learn more about becoming a Marketplace provider here.

ArcGIS Pro Add-In Listings

ArcGIS Pro add-in developers can now create listings to distribute and market their add-ins, allowing users to try, purchase and download their add-ins directly from the Marketplace site.  It provides a nice new option for developers to showcase and increase exposure for their add-ins.  The new capability also makes it easier for ArcGIS Pro users to find Pro add-ins for their work.  Users can now select the new content Type option of “ArcGIS Pro add-ins”, and if desired, refine further by selecting by Industry and more.

ArcGIS Pro add-ins extend the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro with custom functionality, and are developed with the ArcGIS Pro SDK for Microsoft .NET.  Many organizations have been developing Pro add-ins over the past few years.  Developers are taking advantage of the many new features available with ArcGIS Pro, and the streamlined development capabilities offered in the Pro SDK.  You can find information and resources on the Pro SDK here.

MobiGTFS, by MobiGIS

The first dedicated ArcGIS Pro add-in product listing on the ArcGIS Marketplace, MobiGTFS, can now be found on the site.  The add-in, from MobiGIS, extends ArcGIS Pro and provides tools which are focused on the transportation industry.

From MobiGIS’ new listing, GTFS stands for General Transit Feed Specification.  MobiGTFS provides the ability to explore public transportation schedules and associated geographic information in GTFS format. The add-in provides ArcGIS Pro users with tools to import, edit and export data using the specification.  Also, as seen in their listing, MobiGIS is currently offering a free 15-day trial of their new add-in.

Here are a couple screenshots of MobiGTFS:

Congratulations to MobiGIS on their new ArcGIS Pro add-in and Marketplace listing.  Be sure to check back for new add-in listings for your industry to help enhance and streamline your work with ArcGIS Pro.

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Chris is a product manager on the ArcGIS Desktop Team, focused on the ArcGIS Pro SDK and helping users achieve their Pro customization goals.

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