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Introducing the 3D Workflow Website

We are excited to introduce you to the new 3D Workflows Website.  Using this site, you can find common 3D GIS workflows that you may be interested in getting started with, for example, creating and maintaining 3D data.

You can use the 3D workflows sections to find comprehensive resources for accomplishing 3D tasks using the ArcGIS platform. Each workflow provides a high-level overview of the for a common 3D problem, then aggregates helpful resources from across Esri to help ensure your success. Each 3D Workflow will include links to videos, blogs, tutorials, best practices, help documentation, community-supported scripts for 3D, and more.


We have organized the 3D workflows into four 3D capabilities of the ArcGIS platform: Content, Visualization, Analysis and Immersive Experiences.


You will find specific workflows for you to import, create, update and publish your 3D data efficiently and securely.


You will find specific workflows for you to create beautiful, intuitive 3D web scenes.


You will find specific workflows for you to use advanced 3D analytical tools to gain more insight.

Immersive experiences

You will find specific workflows for you create engaging 3D experiences for informed decision making.

Click on each capability above to find comprehensive support for accomplishing common 3D tasks using the ArcGIS platform.

About the author

Lindsay is a senior product engineer on the 3D Analyst team. She has been working at Esri since 2006. She focuses her work at Esri on lidar, 3D and GIS capabilities. Beyond Esri, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her family, playing tennis and doing yoga.

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