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Discover Your Data's Depth: Applications of ArcGIS Bathymetry Webinar

What is ArcGIS Bathymetry? 

ArcGIS Bathymetry simplifies managing, analyzing, and sharing bathymetric data, empowering organizations to make better decisions faster. It extends ArcGIS Pro with tools and workflows for exploring and modeling bathymetric data and its metadata in a GIS environment. After users collect and process their raw data, ArcGIS Bathymetry catalogs finalized data products in the Bathymetric Information System (BIS) database.  


Hydrographers, cartographers, defense agencies, coastal planning and management organizations, energy companies, and undersea telecom organizations collect and store bathymetric data for various applications. They often end up managing large, overlapping datasets in non-spatial, file-based systems, which makes it challenging to perform data analysis and share the results.  

ArcGIS Bathymetry addresses these challenges by streamlining data management and improving analysis and visualization. In our webinar—Discover Your Data’s Depth: Applications of ArcGIS Bathymetry—scheduled for June 20, 2023, at 7:30 AM Pacific time, our experts will focus on how to create custom bathymetric surfaces and perform analysis to support a diverse range of applications such as using time-series bathymetric data for seafloor change detection. 

Learn more about ArcGIS Bathymetry…Ahead of the webinar 

We’re excited to share that we recently created a series of videos designed to get users up and running with ArcGIS Bathymetry quickly and easily. We highly recommend all registrants watch the videos prior to attending the webinar. By doing so, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the product’s capabilities and features to be able to come prepared with questions for the webinar. Watch the videos now 

Register for the webinar today 

Meet the Speakers

Meredith Payne is the Product Owner of ArcGIS Bathymetry and has been a certifiable Geo-nerd both above and below the waterline. Her passion for solving geospatial problems by combining principles of marine geology, remote sensing, and GIS eventually led her to the field of hydrography and the magic of bathymetry. Three years ago, Meredith transitioned from NOAA’s Hydrographic Surveys Division to join Esri’s Maritime Development Team, where she currently leads the development of ArcGIS Bathymetry.

Craig Greene is the Lead Product Manager for an elite suite of products – ArcGIS Maritime, ArcGIS Bathymetry, ArcGIS Aviation Airports, and ArcGIS Aviation Charting—as well as a designer and a cartographer. He has been at Esri for over 20 years. 


Check out our product page and Esri Community for the latest ArcGIS Bathymetry resources.  

Access our demo site to explore featured maps and apps.  

Esri’s ArcGIS Bathymetry product team members 

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