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One Minute Map Hacks: 66-70

Hacks 1-5
Hacks 6-10
Hacks 11-15
Hacks 16-20
Hacks 21-25
Hacks 26-30
Hacks 31-35
Hacks 36-40
Hacks 41-45
Hacks 46-50
Hacks 51-55
Hacks 56-60
Hacks 61-65

How many hacks are even possible? How much longer can this keep going?

Ah trusty old copy-paste. Why start from scratch when you can just duplicate your layer or map and benefit from a giant head start? Here are a few, maybe surprising, ways that you can copy and paste in ArcGIS Pro.

Here’s a silly thing to try that makes interesting ethereal labels look like they are rising up out of the mist. I mean, why not?

Here is an honest to goodness practical and useful method to highlight your map’s area of interest. These couple of tricks can throw a spotlight on your map’s subject, making it very clear who’s the star of the show.

Admittedly, this one’s pretty specific. But it’s a cool way of showing borders that might be useful to you someday and I care about you and the maps that you make and I want you to have a lot of options and skills. Plus it’s fun.

Another strangely niche trick, but hey, what’s a map but a giant stack of niche tricks? By investing this minute of your life in the following video, you’ll learn how to make giant glassy labels for place names or data.

Well, did you get through all five? Did you have a favorite? Have you already been using any of these tricks on your maps? I’d love to hear about it and I’d especially love to see what you’ve made!

Love, John

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I have far too much fun looking for ways to understand and present data visually, hopefully driving product strategy and engaging users. I work in the ArcGIS Living Atlas team at Esri, pushing and pulling data in all sorts of absurd ways and then sharing the process. I also design user experiences for maps and apps. When I'm not doing those things, I'm chasing around toddlers and wrangling chickens, and generally getting into other ad-hoc adventures. Life is good. You might also like these Styles for ArcGIS Pro:

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