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What's new in the Crime Analysis solution

An all new version of the Crime Analysis solution is available now with ArcGIS Pro 2.7. When you update Crime Analysis and ArcGIS Pro, you will find an updated user experience, new capabilities, and updates to many existing tools. A complete review of all updates can be found in the help documentation. Highlights of the new version of Crime Analysis include the following:

Updated user experience

The Crime Analysis ribbon now uses an analysis tool gallery to organize all analytical geoprocessing tools in the solution. In the gallery, the tools retain their grouping categories from the previous version of the solution, such as tactical and strategic analysis, investigative analysis, and cell phone analysis. The new design allows more analytical tools to be displayed on the Crime Analysis solution ribbon.


New capabilities

Several new capabilities have been added to the Crime Analysis solution in this release:


Learn Crime Analysis

To help you learn how to use Crime Analysis, we have enhanced the ArcGIS Pro project included in the solution. The project includes example maps for each tool in the solution; input data to help you try running the tool; and notes explaining what the tool does, how it is used in crime analysis, and how to run the tool with the sample data. The ArcGIS Pro project is intended to help you jump-start your self-directed learning process, so you can be productive with Crime Analysis immediately. For further training, we have a learning path containing a series of lessons to help grow your skills with the Crime Analysis solution.


Additional resources

Learn more about Crime Analysis and other public safety solutions on the ArcGIS Solutions site. For questions and feedback, chat with us on GeoNet or contact Esri Support Services.

About the author

Chris is the product owner for Law Enforcement solutions at Esri.

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