Uninstalling Business Analyst Server with a Simple Command

When uninstalling Business Analyst Server from your prorgams and features, credentials are needed for an ArcGIS Server admin account in order to unregister the Server Object Extension (SOE). However, If ArcGIS Server is uninstalled before BA Server, admin credentials will no longer work. Fortunately, an uninstall can be forced with a simple command.

For example, uninstalling BA Server 10.5.1:

msiexec -x {846EC54F-ED74-4E31-8387-7EDE507573F0}

  1. Launch a command prompt.
  2. Use the msiexec –x command utility as shown above with the appropriate product code for your version of BA Server (list below).
  3. Click yes to uninstall.
  4. Verify that BA Server is uninstalled by checking that is no longer listed in your programs and features.

The product code will depend on your version of BA Server, here is a list of product codes:















This quick and easy work around can come in handy if ArcGIS Server is uninstalled before BA Server!

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